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Burnes Gets 40% of Helloworld, Becomes CEO

Andrew BurnesAOT founder Andrew Burnes has had the last laugh as long-winded and sometimes acrimonious 'merger' negotiations with Helloworld concluded with him sitting pretty as CEO and, along with his wife and business partner, Cinzia,  owning 40% of the combined entity.

The power couple also get a couple of seats on a brand new HLO board, just a couple of months after the old one told him to go away, saying "the strategic and financial merits of the acquisition were insufficiently compelling. More 

Ad - Sabre 468x60 KLEER app, Nov 2, 2015
Ad - Sabre 468x60 KLEER app, Nov 2, 2015

TripAdvisor Share Spike After Priceline Deal Shows How Small The Online Travel World has Become

So here's a graphic demonstration of dangerously concentrated power has become in the online travel world.

One company, Priceline Group, announces that its brands will advertise through the Instant Booking app on TripAdvisor.

This seemingly modest news – an advertising agreement – turned out to be seismic and instantly sent TripAdvisor's share price up 22.4% while Priceline Group rival Expedia's shares fell -3.8%.  More 

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