The reason this website and associated entities exist is to deliver high-quality information on the new travel economy to curious individuals and businesses.

There are three components: TTNews, conferences and the website.

TTNews generally features one lead story and several smaller stories – all original, and all directly related travel trends in the Asia-Pacific. It is published every few weeks and distributed by email to industry leaders throughout the region. It is researched and written by Martin Kelly.

Conferences are an important element of the overall information mix, giving people the opportunity to meet and exchange information. Conferences include:

  • TRAVELtech, established in 1999. It has a great reputation for delivering excellent information in an egalitarian environment.
  • No Vacancy, Australia's accommodation industry conference.

Travel Trends will continue to evolve with further information initiatives planned and, like most other things here, is owned and operated by Bluewater Press.

If you have any questions or comments about the site, please contact Martin Kelly, who is based in Sydney, Australia, and can be reached on: Landline:  612 – 9882-1575; Mobile: 61-414-774-978; or martin dot kelly at traveltrends dot biz.

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    Upcoming Events

    TravelTrends Live 2017

    TravelTrends Live is Coming

    What happens when you combine two of Australia's most established and respected travel industry conferences?

    The answer is TravelTrends Live, a brand new event incorporating No Vacancy and TRAVELtech.

    We feel that combining both events - each of which attracts 220+ delegates each year - will be a real step forward.

    The really exciting thing is that it will bring the whole industry together in a single event.

    There's no question of throwing the baby out with the bathwater and each brand's core values and integrity will shine through at TravelTrends Live.

    The plan is to keep things simple and run it in Sydney with No Vacancy on day one, followed by TRAVELtech on day two with a common theme.

    Timing is mid-September and there'll be lots of of social/networking events and cross-pollination.

    Delegates will be able to buy tickets for either or both days at the usual reasonable rates.

    The same rationale applies to sponsorships, details of which will be available soon.

    We're working through the details now and will post further information in late February.

    It will be the next step in what has been quite a journey - No Vacancy started in 2007, TRAVELtech in 1999.

    If you have any questions, please get in touch

    No Vacancy Australia

    No Vacancy Changes It Up

    - Now Part of TravelTrends Live - 

    Big news. This year No Vacancy will become part of TravelTrends Live, a brand new conference also featuring TRAVELtech.

    TravelTrends Live will be held mid-September in Sydney and we are scouting venues now.

    It's an exciting change and one that will bring the entire industry together in a single event.

    The plan is to run No Vacancy on day one followed by TRAVELtech the day after.

    Programming will be complimentary but distinct with a common theme running across the two days.

    They can be consumed independently or as a whole.

    Pricing will be reasonable and flexible with one and two-day tickets available.

    We're working through the details now and will post further information in late February.

    It will be the next step in a journey that started with the creation of TRAVELtech in 1999.

    No Vacancy was founded as a spin-off event in 2007, finding immediate success.

    Both events have been extraordinarily strong, attracting 220+ delegates, speakers and sponsors each year.

    We're really looking forward to bringing them together changing things up and hope to see you there.

    Enjoy yourself and hope to see you through the year.


    Martin Kelly
    Event Producer

    PS: To be kept abreast of the latest developments, please register here.