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    TRAVELtech Australia 2015

    'Disruptive Influences'

    Where: Sydney
    When: Thursday, October 15
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    The travel industry is in the midst of disruption with brash, well-funded new companies and business models upsetting the status quo.

    Of course, change is never easy.

    Taxi drivers have rioted in Paris over Uber (see above) while Airbnb has shaken up the accommodation industry with its peer-to-peer marketplace.

    Traditional (=old) business models are being seriously challenged, forcing many to re-think their approach and adapt.

    'Disruptive Influences' will be a major theme of this year's TRAVELtech Australia conference.

    The program will explore the changes that are rocking the travel world with a focus on online travel, marketing, distribution and technology.

    Innovation, as always, will come under the spotlight with a slew of fresh-thinking companies taking the stage.

    TRAVELtech will run over a single day and feature 20+ speakers.

    Sessions will be a mix of presentations, case studies, discussion and debate.

    Program development is now under way and we're also looking for event partners.

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    AUD449 Pre-Program rate

    No Vacancy Southeast Asia


    - No Vacancy SEA, Nov 19 - 

    After taking a detour through Bali, No Vacancy Southeast Asia is returning to Bangkok for the 5th Edition of this popular event.

    No Vacancy is unique, working the large grey area between hotels and their customer, the distribution chain and all that goes with it.

    While the internet is a big focus, No Vacancy also examines hotel market performance with industry leaders and covers all main industry issues.

    No Vacancy is a one-day event series known for topical, punchy programs and great networking.

    Founded in 2007, It's been held in Asia since 2011.

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