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    No Vacancy Australia

    No Vacancy Returns to Sydney in March 2017

    No Vacancy is where accommodation meets the internet and innovation.

    Founded in 2007, it's a dynamic one-day event with a strong track record.

    It aims to be provocative, interesting and honest.

    To be kept abreast of the latest developments, please register here.

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    TRAVELtech Australia 2016

    Disruptive Influences,
    The Story Concludes...

    The 2016 edition of TRAVELtech, Australia's leading travel marketing, distribution and tech conference, has just wrapped up.

    Great crowd, with more than 200 in attendance, and some fantastic sessions, including a presentation by Sean Sutherland of Aunt Betty (above).

    This year's theme was Disruptive Influences - The Story Continues and speakers included:

    Thanks to everyone who attended and see you next year.

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