Australian Domestic Holiday Costs Don’t Add Up

Where would you rather be?
Where would you rather be?

A RECENT trawl of Christmas holiday deals offers a pretty conclusive response to those who wonder why Australian tourism is in decline. It’s expensive compared with international options and the quality is not always there.

Exhibit 1: Package to Aspen Snowmass, North America’s sexiest snow resort, including airfare ex-Sydney all the way to Aspen, seven night’s twin share accommodation and a six day lift ticket for less than A$2800. This package was for early bookings on mid-January 2010 departures.

Exhibit 2: A good quality east coast beach house in January in a remote location like Seal Rocks (no restaurants, shops etc) will set you back at least A$3500 to A$5000, while the bad ones (the majority) will cost between A$1500 and A$3500. Out of peak season the situation isn’t much better.

Punters know that tradition costs and the experience often isn’t worth the money paid, especially when those who can have turned their houses into resorts anyway. That’s why Australians are heading overseas in increasing numbers.

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One thought on “Australian Domestic Holiday Costs Don’t Add Up”

  1. tourism australia has continuously ignored the fact that australians would like their holidays cheap and affordable which they cannot get domestically…the tourism body instead of dealing with the problem head on resorted to expensive media campaign which resulted to flops and drops in domestic travel numbers…the brain dead think tank of the tourism body taught it was the only way…so they did the same thing year after year /except that they have more coctail functions more than ever/ and got the same result all the time…tourism australia failed to recognize the real competition is offshore….they’re cheaper and experiences are unique….tourism australia’s answer was to do more expensive advertising….i don’t say advertising is a bad but what i’m trying to say is for them to complement their campaign with a working program….and work around the ‘cheap and affordable’ factor….

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