TOURISM Australia will roll out further viral elements to its new So Where The Bloody Hell Are You campaign over the next few weeks, building on the outstanding success of the initial online push.
More than 100,000 people from 150 countries have already downloaded the new TV ad, which spearheads a fresh A$180 million three-year marketing drive from Tourism Australia.
Featured on and, the somewhat provocative advertisement is delivered on a platform provided by Vividas that enables it to be easily emailed and viewed.
This “viral” element has already been used very effectively by marketers in other sectors (check out and saw Where The Bloody Hell Are You make its way around the world in less than 24 hours.
Those numbers are set to climb higher as the campaign – the aim of which is to make Australia less of a “one day I’ll go there” kind of place, to a “go right now destination” – is rolled out around the world over the next few months.
Manager Consumer Communications Paul Davies said Tourism Australia the campaign is aimed at “experience seekers” from key markets such as North America, the United Kingdom and Europe.
Davies said “experience seekers” come from all countries and age groups, and tend be very high digital users.
“So introducing a viral element to the campaign was one of the more obvious ways of targeting this audience.”
He added: “They are the kind of people who ask ‘what shall we do?’ rather than ‘where shall we go?’ ”
And now they have the answer.
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