CENDANT has replaced Travelport with KDS Corporate as its principal online travel and expense management product offering in the Asia Pacific less than two years after launching the product in the region.
The switch has been made after reports the US-developed technology did not translate well to international markets.
By contrast, KDS Corporate has been developed for the global marketplace and is much better suited to the Asia Pacific.
Cendant Corporate Travel Solutions will use KDS Corporate to drive regional growth in the corporate market.
General Manager APAC, Johnny Thorsen, believes is on the verge of a “breakthrough” in terms of online uptake among local corporate bookers.
Mr Thorsen said Australian travel corporates had the highest level of online adoption in the region with around 20 per cent of all business bookings made online.
“Right now the main difference between Australia and Asia is the level of readiness for online procurement – Asia is probably one to two years behind,” he said.
“We expect the early adopters to materialise next year in markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, India and the Philippines
“This will followed by an acceleration of activities in 2007.
“The low cost carriers will be the driving force behind the change in Asia, as the new dedicated terminals for LCC’s go into operation in both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.”
He said other factors would include:
  • Savings available as a result of intelligent travel policy
  • Controlled usage of one-way fares
  • General level of internet bookings for leisure travel continue to increase, resulting in easy adoption of corporate booking engines
  • Further savings available as a result of automating the booking and fulfilment process
Mr Thorsen said any clients of Travelport will be switched over to KDS Corporate, which is the market leader in Europe.
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