The overall advertising-mix of any hotel is largely dependent on online travel agents. Both large and independent hotels are at the mercy of popular OTAs for better revenue generation.

In the process, they end up forfeiting a fat commission percentage that cannibalizes business margins.

“Hotels are forced to pay stiff rates to OTAs that can be as high as 30%” – Hotelogix.

Paving a way for increasing direct bookings can help hospitality providers cut OTAs out of the picture.

In order to make the brand website stand on its own in the ‘level playing’ world wide web, hotels have to work hard on brand recognition.

For a hotel, promoting bookings on their own brand domain is crucial.

Despite the fact that hoteliers have the best control on their website, high bounce rate crops up as a major issue.

Reason being, the potential traveler today is price sensitive, value conscious, starving for transparent information and not to forget, loves personalisation.

“95% of the visitors to the brand site do not convert from lookers to bookers!” – EyeforTravel Report.

Industry experts claim that direct website traffic can be enticed with personalisation frills, images, low rates, margin ad-rolls, etc.

Do these aspects guarantee guest confidence, conversion and price transparency, all at once?

The answer is always a loud-and-ringing ‘No’. What on earth is the answer then?

Thank God there’s a solution!

With a real-time rate comparison tool Convertio, visitors can be motivated to book on the brand site.

This smart widget displays room prices proposed by the hotel alongside the live prices of the same rooms across multiple online channels.

This means a clear comparison of the hotel rates versus rates offered on OTAs not only bringing transparency for site visitors but also saves them time and efforts in the booking process.

The display can be a drop down or any other arrangement. Visitors get to compare live prices in seconds that capture their attention and influence booking decisions.

So the widget actually drives direct bookings in real-time.

Other features include;

  • Amplified direct bookings
  • Multiplied online conversions
  • Improved ROI on search and other online marketing activities
  • Ability to display personalized offers
  • Increased revenue and profit margins

Real-time price comparison tools can show multiple OTA prices and is a catalyst to move buying decisions the hotel’s way.

Not to forget, it comes with design customization options to create a tangible display for potential customers, which builds trust and earns direct revenues.

Yes, driving engagement, increasing direct bookings and building revenue can be that simple with convertio.


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