Finally, food has moved to the front line of Australian hotel marketing with the announcement by Best Western that it is offering customers a $1 breakfast for the next month.

For so long hoteliers have focused on simply pricing and selling the room, many of which look the same anyway, rather than addressing the overall value of the Australian holiday experience.

And it is on value where local resorts have been been getting creamed by international destinations and cruise which is sold on the value of all inclusions, not just the bed.

The Best Western announcements follows fresh research from TNS Global that found Australian operators need to broaden their offering and increase value by learning from the cruise sector which has had phenomenal success through all inclusive pricing.

It’s no coincidence cruise holidays are booming while domestic leisure continues to struggle

“People are travelling overseas more and they have a better understanding of what the rest of the world is doing,” TNS leisure and travel director Carolyn Childs told Angela Saurine from News Limited.

“They don’t want to be sitting there worrying about how much things are costing.

“People don’t think it’s very good value for money when you spend $15 on breakfast for a kid at a hotel and they eat one piece of toast.

“Cruising gives you the idea there’s lots to do and there’s something for every age group.”

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