Kevin Lippy BrokepackerKevin Lippy has dedicated the last 7 years to doing two things; Backpacking or working towards earning enough money to go backpacking. Despite having explored over 30 countries, in 5 continents, Kevin’s backpacking adventures were unfortunately interrupted by a couple of degrees in Commerce-Accounting and Finance, as well as also suffering a fair amount of downtime when he was a Banker.

It wasn’t until he transitioned into online marketing with YHA that he realized that online travel is where it is at! Dwelling on his own experience Kevin understood all too well that a backpacker’s worst nightmare is going ‘broke,’ which ultimately means they have no other choice but to go home.

Consequently he founded a website which is all about discovering the best ways for backpackers to maximize their experiences within the limits of their budgets. Kevin officially launched Brokepacker in Sydney in June 2010, where he currently resides, albeit sometimes in hostels.

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