Air New Zealand says customers have embraced the introduction of accommodation and car hire – either bundled or dynamically packaged with airfares – on its website.

Global Direct Sales General Manager, Chris Hunter, says: “It’s progressing well and we are happy with the way things are going so far – we’ve had a pretty good uptake.”

He says the product initiative was driven by regular users of its web site.

“Our customer base clearly demanded we sell more than just air tickets on the site,” he says.

“So we went through a significant number of business before deciding to add these components.”

Mr Hunter says consumers are happy to book relatively expensive holidays online.

“We are finding that the decision to travel is driven by the discounted (and bundled) ‘Hot Deals’ but then consumers are upselling themselves.

“Certainly many people are not afraid of parting with significant amounts of money on the credit card.

“I think our strong branding helps with that; we are seen as very trustworthy.”

Mr Hunter says Air New Zealand is continually reviewing the site.

“The brand life online is much sorter than offline,” he said, adding that a major focus of the site is converting the inbound market.



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