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Australian Hotel Market Hanging In There…

LATEST stats from STR Global show that the Australian accommodation market held up reasonably well for the year to July 31. The average occupancy rate in major markets was 71.4%, down 4.9% over the previous 12 month period, while revenue per available room (RevPAR) was down by a similar margin to $165. Perth was the strongest market, Cairns the weakest. However, it’s important to note that rate performance really began falling away at the back end of this period. During July, for example, the average daily rate was $158 (down 8%) while RevPAR slumped 13% to $114.

An Open Letter To Complainers: Relax and Enjoy

Rod Cuthbert
Author Rod Cuthert

Being a frequent traveler has its memorable moments, and one of them occurred recently when I had the chance to dine at a well-known Georgian restaurant in Moscow, Russia. It was a great meal, and the restaurant’s location combined with the balmy summer weather provided the perfect opportunity for a late-night stroll through the streets of the Russian capital. All in all, a great evening.

Back at the hotel I Googled the restaurant to see what else I could learn about it, and was flabbergasted to read some of the nonsense that “reviewers” had posted after their own experiences there. Which got me to thinking: how often does a reviewer’s opinion have nothing to do with the establishment, and everything to do with the reviewer’s naivety, narrow-mindedness and lack of real-world experience? More