young corporate travellersYou can throw the “location, location, location” maxim away when it comes to Australia’s Gen Y travellers.

They are far more concerned with earning loyalty points – even if it means they have to stay in a crappy part of town a long way from the office.

An Egencia survey released today reveals that 73% of Australian corporate travellers born between 1981-1994 agree with the statement that “the ability to collect points is more important that than the location of the hotel”.

This compares with 60% of their global Gen Y peers.

Meanwhile, just 22% of their Baby Boomer parents (corporate travellers aged 55 and over, dubbed ‘seniors’ by Egencia) would opt for points over hotel location.

So is Gen Y being savvy, greedy or silly?

“The research suggests that the reason Gen Y travellers are so obsessed with earning points is the idea of using them for personal travel now and later on in life,” an Egencia spokesperson said.

“The survey showed that nearly 80% of Aussie Gen Ys have used loyalty points earned while travelling on business for leisure, compared to only 55% of senior travellers.

“We were quite surprised with the results.”

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