By Martin Kelly

TRAVEL has an incredibly high 50% click-through rate on paid search advertisements, delegates at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose were told this week. In other words, one of every two site visits generated by a search engine request comes from a paid link. Senior VP at ComScore Networks, James Lamberti, said travel is way ahead of other industries when it comes to getting consumers to hit their sponsored links. He said the click-through rate across all industries is just 13% (up from around 12% on a year ago) on paid ads. 

Lamberti, whose research applies to the massive United States market, attributed the high hit rate on travel being “a highly developed category” with savvy marketers serving heavy demand. The conference also heard from Nielsen//NetRatings that travel buys far more online advertising – across both search and display – than any other industry. Other big spenders include electronics, media and telecommunications (display); retail and pharmaceuticals (paid).


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