Several travel companies have teamed up with Google to trial its new Click To Call advertising scheme, which the company launched in Australia last week.

Australia is one of the first test markets for Click To Call and Google has major hopes for the product, which is particularly suited to small businesses with no real web presence.

For example a travel agent without a website could run a Click To Call campaign to drum up business. It can also work for larger companies using call centres to support specific campaigns.

Product Specialist Jeremy Wood said a big advantage of Click To Call is that it puts prospects in contact with businesses “much further along the buying cycle”.

Wood said Click To Call is follows the Google auction system, where rankings are based on the bid amount aligned with keyword relevance, while anyone can sign up for the Beta trial.

He explained at a travel industry briefing in Sydney last week that the Click to Call ads appear in the sponsored links section and are defined by a telephone icon.

Prospects who click on the ad can enter their phone number and are called back within two seconds.

“When they pick up the phone it is already dialing the advertiser,” Wood said.

“Google picks up all the phone charges and the advertiser never gets the user’s phone number.”

Google would not say which travel companies have embraced the scheme.


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