There’s been plenty of angst in the accommodation industry about customer rating and comment sites such as, where the public swaps information about where to – or not – stay.

The question is: how to control comment? The answer is: you can’t.

However, the findings from HotelClub consumer rankings where (unlike TripAdvisor) comment is restricted to people who have stayed in the hotels reviewed, shows that it may be best to allow free speech to take its course.

Properties received mostly positive reviews, with an average ranking of 3.86 out of 5. UK and Australian customers, who between them submitted 29,000 reviews, were most positive giving hotels an average rating of 4.04.

Location was the most important factor, followed by cleanliness and pricing.

There are now 3.5 million ratings and reviews on the HotelClub site.
12 April, 2007

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