SEARCH marketing appears to have been largely left out in the cold by Australasian snow tourism businesses during a key booking period bolstered by good early season snow falls, especially in Oz.

However this opens up significant, cost-effective opportunities for those that are willing to have a go and look beyond high-demand terms such as ‘snow accommodation’ – 18 ads on Google (three on Yahoo!7).  Other popular search terms such as the resort names elicits a sparse paid search response.

For example the following responses were logged on Google: Perisher (1 Google ad), Perisher Valley (4 ads), Thredbo (2 ads), Mt Hotham (3 ads, including resort), Mt Buller (2 ads), Falls Creek (3 ads) etc.

There are even less ads running next to the NZ resorts – generally one or two. In each instance, the service towns are much more popular – Jindabyne (8 ads), Bright (8 ads), Wanaka (6 ads), Queenstown (5 ads).

No doubt this is a reflection supply and demand, but if businesses looked further up the hill, they’d gain great reach at potentially less cost while still maintaining consumer relevance.

Travel Trends,
July 5, 2007

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