WORD on the street is that Australia’s Federal Tourism Minister, Fran Bailey, is very much on the way out – even if the Liberal National coalition is returned to power in the November 24 election, a scenario which appears increasingly unlikely. Quite simply, her time is up.

Many in the industry will be glad to see the back of Bailey, who has won few friends during her time in office. She often ignores industry advice, has a strong personality-driven management style and is not afraid to throw her weight around … the ‘departure’ of Tourism Australia MD Scott Morrison a case in point.

Ironically, Morrison, the Liberal candidate for the rock-solid conservative Sydney seat of Cook, may well end up being the next coalition Tourism Minister. But according to the polls that won’t be any time soon. Labour is so far ahead if could take the coalition two full terms to reclaim power, which would put Morrison in the hot-seat around 2013.

Travel Trends: November 1, 2007

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