HEARD IT ON THE RADIO: Online bookings for Choice Hotels have increased by 58% over the past 12 months, the company says. Meanwhile, a $700,000 radio campaign over the past three weeks has boosted site visitor numbers by 20%. Marketing Manager Mardi Brown says the campaign, where people enter an online competition, has also resulted in more than 1000 new website subscriptions. Travel Trends: May 14, 2008

WATCH ME PULL A RABBIT OUT OF MY HAT: Web travel planning system Cadabra.com is looking for international partners. The NZ based company has developed what it claims is world-first itinerary-building software. Founder Graeme Frost says Cadabra provides a powerful platform on which partners can quickly deploy an online destination site. Cadabra is focussed on multi-destination touring style holidays. Frost says the model hs been proven in the NZ market with NZ$2m in bookings taken over the first two months and can now be scaled internationally. Travel Trends, May 14, 2008

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