YOU take plenty of things for granted when travelling these days. Two examples: (1) there’s no need for cash – credit card and debit cards will take you all the way, (2) you’ll always get the cheapest rate by booking at the source because ‘Best Rate Guarantee’ is now the global standard. Well, in Indonesia you’d be wrong on both counts. Cash is king with electronic payment or withdrawal systems little used outside the big cities.

So don’t leave yourself short, as I did, in the expectation that where you’re going they’ll accept credit, because they probably won’t. As for Best Rate Guarantee, forget about it. The Park Lane Hotel in Jakarta was getting seriously undercut by and suggested I book through that site rather than matching the offer!

The moral of this story is if you get bored with life and think everything is becoming the same, head to some place like Indonesia. You’ll soon find things are very different. Travel Trends: June 5, 2008

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