By Martin Kelly, Travel Trends

THE Japanese tourism market to Australia may be in terminal decline – that’s the inescapable conclusion of a study by Tourism Research Australia.

One of the major reasons appears to be a lack of adventurousness among young Japanese, especially women, who used to travel here in packs during the mid-1990s.

But there have been fundamental changes to the Japanese psyche since then.

Less Japanese are getting married, birth rates are down and the population aged less than 35 is in decline.

“Unfortunately for Australia, the decline in outbound leisure travel by Japanese residents is heavily concentrated in the most important age groups,” the report says. 

“Almost 90% of the decline in Japanese visitor numbers between 2000 and 2006 can be traced to the 20-29 year age group.

“Certain population groups, most notably young women, are exhibiting different life aspirations and attitudes to travel compared with earlier cohorts.

“Established demographic trends – a declining marriage rate, low fertility, population ageing and decline realistically (mean) the era of strong growth in outbound travel (ex-Japan) is likely to be over.”

However, there is hope. An ageing population means a greater number of people with time on their hands – perhaps they’ll want to travel.

Travel Trends: December 17, 2007

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