The Strip – a jumbled visage of cranes, traffic, people and neon; posters, screens, screams, fountains, gawkers, touts, tourists; a pyramid, a roller coaster, an imitation Statue of Liberty, a fake Eiffel Tower and all the rest. Mexicans with t-shirts that claim: “Girls to your room in 20 minutes”, tourists chugging tequila on the street…

Las Vegas is returning to its roots. Gone is any pretence of a family destination. And don’t the punters love it. Vegas is pumping, packed with adults of all shapes, colours and sizes looking for action, mostly men but a few women too, while a building boom of epic proportions is ripping up The Strip. Vegas, a place where you can lose your identity, and everything else too.

Martin Kelly, Editor, Travel Trends – February 19, 2008

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