By Martin Kelly, Editor, Travel Trends

Phil Gunter is at it again. Today I received another email from this man I have never met. He sends them to me every week or two. They extol Virgin Blue’s Velocity Rewards program. The one I got today is an excellent example. It was effectively a riposte to improvements Qantas has made to it Frequent Flyer program. “We’ve been doing that for ages,” it said. Yeah, yeah – whatever – get me off this mailing I thought for the umpteenth time. But I can’t because there’s no unsubscribe mechanism. Which is incredibly poor form, exceptionally unprofessional, and maybe against the law (Privacy Act?). Each of these emails is signed by Phil Gunter, GM of Velocity Rewards.

Phil actually travelled all the way to Instanbul to speak at a conference on customer loyalty in March. But I really don’t think Phil has much of a clue, otherwise his emails to a once-loyal customer would show me some respect. Instead this man I’ve never met is stalking me online. Phil, leave me alone. And tell your marketing staff to do things right. Perhaps send them to the session you have inspired at TRAVELtech – Email Marketing In The Age of Spam. They could learn a thing or two. And while Sydney is hardly Istanbul, it’s not a bad place – perhaps you could also make the trip. Travel Trends: July 8, 2008.

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