By Martin Kelly, Editor, Travel Trends

Business Class – sexy, right? Not at British Airways. Two weeks ago I flew BA Sydney-London-Nice. The long-haul aircraft was an older 777 with bizarre, slightly-narrow seating (customers seated side by side but facing opposite directions!) and an outdated in-flight entertainment system that didn’t offer on-demand movies, music, etc. The food was ok, the wine you could buy for $12 in Dan Murphy’s and the service patchy. From London to Nice, about 80 minutes, there was no entertainment system at all. Apart from the space, you’d be much better off buying economy on a good Asian carrier. BA’s business lounges were also small, cramped and crowded. I flew Qantas back in the upper deck of a 747 and it was a good experience all around – very different to BA. Yet I suspect their fares are the same … buyer beware. Travel Trends: July 29, 2008 

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