TRAVEL romantics and technophobes rejoice – the post card is making a stand against rampant text messaging and email. The Royal Mail reports a 30% increase over the past five years in the number of post cards sent by Britons on holiday. This is sweet news for traditionalists like Brian Lund, editor of Picture Postcard Monthly, who declared to the UK Daily Telegraph: "Emails and texts have been found out. You can’t hang a text message on your wall, can you? People have realised once again that a postcard is a lovely thing. If you write one, it shows you care in a way that a text message never can." The news isn’t so good for snail mail, however, with the Royal Mail recently admitting it had lost £279 million in 2007 as it handled three million fewer stamped letters each day. Travel Trends: July 29, 2008

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