By Martin Kelly, Editor, Travel Trends

Australians will travel overseas less. Biggest drops will be to Europe and the United States. Need you ask why?

The number of people travelling to Australia will also drop despite the new Baz Luhrman ad campaign aimed at time-poor cashed-up city dwellers.

Pretty soon these people will have plenty of time but no job or money. Oh, the irony – they’ll be even more stressed but won’t be able to anything about it.

Certain Asian countries where the Australian dollar is still worth something will continue to do well, though anyone charging more than $250 a night will be hammered.

There’ll be a return to simple domestic holidays. Self-catering, close to home (major population centres) will be the most popular.

Once daggy destinations will come back into vogue, things like ‘caravanning’ at Dromana on Port Phillip Bay, feeding the pelicans at The Entrance on the Central Coast near Sydney.

Driving and camping holidays are in for popularity surge. Day trips, too, and picnics in the park.

Fish, chips, soft drinks and Vegemite sandwiches will be the holiday meals of choice, supplanting Focaccia and café latte.

Isolated, high-priced domestic destinations geared to tourism machinations of times gone by, such as Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory, will continue to suffer.

The Grey Nomads traversing the nation’s highways will stay home and bowling clubs, once bereft of members, will experience membership resurgence.

This will create tensions with younger, groovy members just there for the cheap drink prices

There’ll be one less Low Cost Carrier flying Australian skies in the next 12 months.

Discounting will be slow to start – expect to see the odd the deal over the next couple of months – but will really take off in February and last through 2009.

The whole mess will be much shorter than many are predicting – look out for a strong recovery in 2010. Travel Trends: October 15, 2008

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