By Martin Kelly, Editor, Travel Trends

What has Ed Whiting got himself into? The garrulous founder of travel search engine has an ambition for the site many think is impossible. “Our goal is to have been to every travel website on the planet. What does that actually mean? That means approving, crawling, categorising, indexing and data analysing the sites before including them in Travelbeen.” The idea is to filter out all the bad stuff, leaving only the good, an arduous task made somewhat easier through some slick technology developed by site architect Gene Campbell.

Once indexed on Travelbeen, travel sites can be searched and researched in a variety of ways starting with a standard keyword search which brings up a range of results based on relevance. Consumers can either link direct through the site or reference the unique ‘credentials’ page creates for every listing. Already has indexed more than 15,000 travel websites and the next goal is to breach the 200,000 mark. How many after that? Who know, but enough to keep Ed busy for a very long time. Ed says industry submissions are welcome – check it out. January 12, 2009.

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