Smart people can do really dumb things. Or don’t necessarily do the smart things.

No other way to explain the fact that ‘travel research and discovery engine’ Uptake Networks, founded by Yen Lee and Gene Simmons, was able to raise US$15m from investors but, six months after going live, has still not bought the URL.

This lack of attention to detail is particularly unfortunate because happens to be a spammy ‘domain parking’ advertising site hosted by Go Daddy. Not a good look for a company that is essentially marketing a vision, at least to investors.

Also undermining the credibility of Uptake, which makes a big deal out of the search engine visibility of its site listings, is the fact that Uptake has no SEO strategy for its own brand. The company’s URL doesn’t even rank in the first three pages of Google for the search term Uptake Networks. Details, details, details. Travel Trends: 19 December, 2008

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