By Martin Kelly, Editor, Travel Trends

Middle of the road has never been a good place to be. Think Billy Ray Cyrus. He had one big hit, the regrettably unforgettable Achy Breaky Heart, and that was it – but how about his daughter, Mylie Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana? She’s at the top her game, Princess of the Tweenies, number one in her genre.

What does the recession mean for her? Not much, I suggest. Her fans (and their parents) will still buy her records and see the movie. But they’ll cut back on Hannah Montana wannabes, the copy cats that follow every phenomenon. A choice will be made and number one will get stronger.

Same in travel; the top companies will prevail and emerge from the recession better for it, lean, mean and ready for the good times. But those stuck in the middle – the second or third choice, those that drink from the overflow, will suffer and slide.

Why stay at a second choice property when the market leader has rooms and great deals? Why trust the deals offered by the dodgy discount carrier when Brand A has the same deals? Why advertise in print when all your business in coming online?

Why indeed – much better to be doing business on the fringes, number one or in a niche, than middle of the road. That’s where you find road kill.

Travel Trends: February 13, 2009

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