This is weird – counter-trends. After years of booking lead times contracting in our “just in time” world, the results for the last six months of 2009 reveal that the number of days between reservation and check-in blew out by almost 100% over the corresponding period in 2008 …. 13.35 days compared with 7.93 days.

Why? Perhaps it’s because people, stung by the new financial and social reality created by the GFC, are becoming more considered in their decision-making. Or maybe the deals were so good, and time-sensitive, they couldn’t wait. Time will tell. (Update March 1: Or it could be something as simple as Wotif extending its booking window – see comments…)

Also had a laugh at yesterday’s news from Qantas it is increasing flights between Australia and Japan after years of cut backs. The reason is increased Australian leisure visitors to the Land of the Rising Sun, tourism payback after all the business Japanese visitors have given Australia over the years. Who knows, one day they may even return in large numbers. After all, a trend is only a trend until it ends (when it becomes a new trend)…

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