Logo - Star Ratings AustraliaStar Ratings Australia has revealed a new strategic direction including a $1 million budget to promote the credibility of its accommodation rating product, now a subsidiary of Australian Auto Clubs.

General Manager Damien Hanger said Star Ratings Australia will also for the first time incorporate consumer rating and reviews into its “official” assessments of Australian accommodation.

“Our aim is to re-position Stars as a stand-alone accreditation business that is focused on producing trusted and reliable rating results for domestic and international travellers alike,” he said.

It will also establish an Industry Advisory Board and re-introduce Industry Advisory Panels for each rating category.

“We also believe the consumer must have a voice in our scheme and we are excited at the prospect of working with industry to incorporate consumer ratings and reviews,” Mr Hanger added.

He said promoting the “Stars” is at the heart of the new direction and a $1m annual budget will allow management to “deliver unprecedented value for licensees”.

Meanwhile, the Stars website will undergo a makeover to include free property listings on a new search engine platform.

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