Parliament House, Canberra, or just a very big flag pole?

NOTHING like a car trip to bring a family together – or tear them apart!

Lots of people doing it these school holidays, forsaking a Bali tan for some old time action – day trips, short breaks, visiting the relatives.

Not five-star but certainly a lot cheaper.

A recent trip south from Sydney revealed…

Kangaroo Valley busy on Easter Sunday, especially the church. Seeking salvation perhaps?

Canberra deserted as usual but attractions crowded. It is possible.

Notable exceptions the inner-south suburbs of Manuka and Kingston. Cafes, restaurants, bookstores, smartly dressed people – Life!  

Big contrasts on the road. 

Lush coastal landscape between Berry and Bowral.

Great green fields, hundred-year hedges, impressive gates, long curved driveways.

Dirt and dirt brown less than 50km to the west.

Bad coffee at the (in)famous Niagara Cafe in Gundagai.

Kilometre after kilometre of nothing.

Why do people live here?

Bush fired trees oh so close to Melbourne.

Suburban sprawl on the grubby northern outskirts.


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