Adam Ferrier Managing Partner Consomer Psychologist Naked Communications smallAdam Ferrier is a Consumer Psychologist and Planning Partner of Naked Communications.  He graduated university with degrees in Commerce and Psychology and by a strange twist of fate began his career as a Forensic Psychologist.

Adam worked in a maximum security prison and private practice, assessing levels of dangerousness of inmates.  He then made the natural move to marketing consultancy, working for Added Value.  Here Adam switched his interest from understanding criminal behaviour to consumer behaviour. He completed his Clinical Psychology Thesis in ‘Identifying the Underlying Constructs of Cool People’, and for a short while was a global cool hunter.

Continuing the slide from the moral high-ground Adam joined Saatchi & Saatchi as a Strategic Planner, and also invented a bestselling psychological board game – called The Analyst. In 2004 Adam moved to become a founding partner of Naked Communications in Australia.  Naked works with clients such as BigPond, Unilever, George Western Foods, Coca-Cola and 42 Below, 7 Eleven and Pokerstars. In the last 4 years Naked has turned the communications world on its head and has won a collection of industry awards and client accolades. Naked was 2007Adnews Agency of the Year.

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