9-basilTHERE’S nothing quite like a hotel horror story and the Sydney Morning Herald has just run a beauty documenting the decline of former Blue Mountains icon, the York Fairmont Resort at Leura. The paper reports: “The resort’s problems came to a head on Easter Saturday when police were called after more than 200 guests signed a petition demanding their $250-a-night payments be returned. Guests complained of inadequate staff numbers, rooms not being serviced, and dirty and broken facilities.”

As if that wasn’t enough for owners Michael Kwok and Helen James, who paid A$47m for the award-winning former Peppers Resort in late 2007, the Herald claims “immigration officials raided the place last month; the Workplace Ombudsman is investigating claims by former workers that they have been ripped off; motoring organisations across Australia have suspended the resort’s rating; and NSW tourism organisations have stopped taking bookings.” 

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