Southern-Ocean-Lodge-Kangaroo-IslandLot of advertising, especially upmarket print, for Kangaroo Island lately. The image stuff is fun but I question the product strategy with the main focus on the ultra-expensive Southern Ocean Lodge. Today’s half-page ad, which looked to be at least partly funded by the South Australian Tourism Commission, was for a two night package costing $4798, excluding airfares to Adelaide. That’s about $100 an hour for a 48 hour stay.

Seriously expensive, enough for a week’s holiday in Thailand with the whole family. Including airfares.

Is that really what Kangaroo  Island is all about? I doubt it and therefore question the strategy, which I suppose would be dubbed ‘aspirational’, the idea that plebs will aspire to that experience and head to Kangaroo Island hoping some of the glamour will rub off on them. Of course they won’t be able to afford to stay at Southern Ocean Lodge, but maybe one day….

Meanwhile the business pages in which the advertisement was couched were full of the usual mix of crappy business news. Retailer Myer reporting that sales are down, again, flights to the Northern Territory cut, Facebook float tanks, Greece is a basket case etc.

To me, this whole Kangaroo Island luxury thing may have played well in the boardroom, an opportunity perhaps to change people’s perceptions of South Australia, something the state seems determined to do, but the timing could not have been worse.

Continually leading with a product 99% of people cannot afford seems both pointless and elitist. It also reinforces the point that international holidays are better value

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