It hardly seems possible, but despite all the adverse publicity about cruising and COVID, travellers across Asia-Pacific except Japan consider flying to be the riskier proposition. 

More than a third (37%) of respondents to a survey commissioned by Sabre said they believed ”air travel posed the highest risk of infection when travelling during the current Covid-19 pandemic.’

”Cruise ships were deemed to be the next riskiest mode of transport for travellers in APAC (34%). More women than men deemed air travel to be risky. Out of those saying air travel was the riskiest mode of transport, 62% were female.”

Despite their fear of flying, more than half (52%) said they would still travel via air, provided that certain safety measures were put in place. Measures consumers want include:

  • Safe social distancing with empty seats between passengers was the top priority
  • All crew members and passengers to wear a face mask
  • Enhanced cleaning for meal trays, seats and lavatories before boarding.

Japan was the only country surveyed where the  majority of travellers ranked cruise as the riskiest mode of transport – no surprise perhaps after the Diamond Princess quarantine debacle in Yokohama when 630+ passengers tested positive for the causative virus, six of them dying.

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