Tourism Australia management must praying that phase two of its $36m Dundee campaign to lure Americans Down Under works better than the launch ad, which in commercial terms has been a box office flop.

The campaign, initially starring actor Chris Hemsworth,  premiered on US television during the Super Bowl.
Views of that particular ad are now climbing toward 8m on YouTube.
Other versions and cuts have accrued 4m+ views.
So it’s clear people enjoying watching it, and so they should.
It’s well made with a wry sense of humour and great scenery.
However, the ad is not fulfilling its central goal: to get Americans booking Australian holidays.
In fact, the reverse is true.
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, US visitor numbers to Australia have been in trouble since April and the situation has since deteriorated.
May: -4.5%
June -6.1%
July: -6.8%
 August: -4%
As they say, the numbers don’t lie.
This has got be a major concern for Tourism Australia, especially when so much money has been bet on the outcome.
There’s still plenty of time to turn it around and perhaps the second iteration – ‘Dundee Move: Visit The Set’ – does the trick.
It stars Chris Hemsworth’s older brother Luke.
Let’s hope he is more persuasive than his handsome younger brother. 
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