Leading holiday park operator NRMA Parks and Resorts says October school holidays bookings in across its NSW properties are up 30 per cent over last year.

The most obvious trend is that people are seeking locations well away from cities and towns such as National Parks.

This can been through huge booking increases for NRMA Murramarang on the South Coast (pictured) and NRMA Myall Shores on the Mid-North Coast, says NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury.

“Drought, bushfires and now COVID-19 have all hit regional NSW hard however there is growing confidence that regional tourism can play a key role in the state’s recovery as people change their travel habits,” says Khoury.

“Holiday makers are now looking for different things when it comes to booking a holiday.

“They want to be within a few hours of home, in open spaces with lots of fresh air and natural beauty, and most importantly, they want flexible booking options.

“Camping sites are also gaining popularity with many guests looking to trial going ‘off-grid’ and get back to nature.

“Many guests booking camping sites say they have never camped before but feel confident doing so in a holiday park setting.”

Khoury adds that inland parks like Dubbo and Bathurst are also popular.

The NRMA owns and operates 50 holiday parks around Australia, including 22 in NSW.

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