Dan Lynn and Vikram Malhi, co-founders of Zuzu

Hotel tech company Zuzu Hospitality Solutions has raised US$2 million in seed funding. The money will be primarily invested in its technology platform with a focus on improving revenue and account management functions.

It follows an earlier Angel raising of US$1 million. Zuzu targets independent economy hotels and has 150 clients so far. “Our model is working, now it’s time to grow,” Vikram Malhi, who co-founded Zuzu with Dan Lynn.

The pair, who are based in Singapore, met while working at Expedia. Zuzu provides independent hotels with sales, marketing, distribution and pricing suppor.

Investors include Wavemaker Partners, Golden Gate Ventures, Alpha JWC, Convergence Ventures, Paul Brown and Goodman Capital.

Zuzu is the name of Jimmy Stewart’s young daughter in the movie ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. Not sure this has anything to do with the company name but a nice piece of trivia all the same.

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