Australian consumers love their mobile technology as much as any nation – except when it comes to researching and booking travel, according to new research from  Amadeus and YouGov. Here are the key regional findings:

“Australians under-utilise mobile technologies: Just 33% use a mobile for researching and 20% for booking a trip, compared to 54% and 46% respectively for APAC – most Aussies (81%) still do their travel research and booking on a laptop/desktop. Aussies also prefer email for updates/recommendations about their trip, while APAC travellers are more diverse in their preferences; including IM services, travel company apps and social media.

“Sharing economy apps are also under-utilised compared to wider APAC: 49% of Australian travellers have never used a sharing economy service such as Uber and Airbnb, whereas 75% of APAC travellers have used them

“Australians are open to sharing personal information with travel providers, as long as privacy is respected: In exchange for personalised recommendations, delivered in real time. Online booking sites, travel review sites and word of mouth have the largest influence on Australian travellers’ planning.

“During travel, Aussies go online to: access maps and location information (54%), let people know they are safe (52%) and stay updated with world events (49%). Just 19% went online to stay across business matters, compared to 32% in APAC.”

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