Tourism Australia (TA) predicts almost 8000 new hotel rooms will open in Australia next year following a bullish 2018 during which 56 new properties offering 6000 rooms opened around the country.

Queensland dominated the 2018 stats with 22 new hotels comprising 2247 rooms, followed by NSW where 15 new properties (1512 rooms) welcomed guests.

TA estimates 41 new hotels are set to open in Australian during 2019, most of them higher end properties with high room counts.

Melbourne has the biggest pipeline – 4000 new rooms are due by 2020.

However, the much smaller Tasmanian market is most at risk of over-supply.

The forecast addition of four hotels comprising 604 rooms represents an increase in supply of 8%.

Supply in Western Australia and Victoria will increase 5% through 2019, NSW 2%, Queensland 1%, South Australia 3%.

No new properties will be built either in the Northern Territory or ACT next year.

“Beyond 2019, there will still be plenty of new product to explore with over 15,000 rooms currently under construction across the country,” TA says.

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