ASTRA Chairman Rob Jeffress

The NSW government will introduce formal registration of short term rental properties in the first half of next year, the The Australian Short Term Rental Accommodation Industry Association (ASTRA) believes.

Chairman Rob Jeffress today said legislation governing short term rentals and a code of contact in Australia’s most populated state was originally due to be introduced on October 1.

“We spent about a year and a half working with the NSW Government and most of the stakeholders in forming that Code of Conduct, which covers both the industry operators and their guests,” he told an online seminar hosted by Guesty.

“Registration is a key part of that because it ensures every property is formally scrutinised  and that the operators and/or the owner/manager give a commitment that that property is safe and compliant and fit for habitation.

“The Planning Department is working on the actual registration system now.

“It  will include source documents, proof of insurance and probably documents that provide proof of an agency management agreement or a rates notice that confirms the actual address, the zoning, the ownership of the property.

“I think we’ll see that come in the first half of next year.”


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