Accor Australia Drops Free For All Wi-Fi Plan

Accor Australia has been unable to reach consensus with its hotel owners and dropped its well-publicised plan to offer all customers free wi-fi access, something it had originally hoped to accomplish by the end of 2012. It is instead looking at making wi-fi free for its loyalty club members. “It’s not commercially viable to give it away free to every customer,” said Accor Australia COO Simon McGrath.

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4 thoughts on “Accor Australia Drops Free For All Wi-Fi Plan”

  1. WiFi is free to all guests at all Meriton Serviced Apartment hotels across Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

    Its also free at McDonalds and Starbucks stores. Surely if you can get if free with a hamburger or coffee where the average spend under $5, then a hotel where guests are paying hundreds a night can afford to offer it free?

    It’s the single biggest request and feedback topic Meriton had in 2012 and we decided to roll it out free to all guest from the 1st January this year. It’s really made Meriton the first choice when travelling to a lot of guests, corporate & leisure.

    1. The issue at Accor is that they had resistance from owners of the properties they manage. Meriton is fortunate it has a single owner. However I strongly agree it should be free. At all hotels.

  2. It’s a shame to see hoteliers succumbing to this mentality. Wifi is not a one-size-fits-all product. Many hoteliers still don’t seem to understand this.

    Guests rely on wifi for a disparate variety of uses ranging from email to watching Netflix. But the wifi bandwidth required for 100 guests to simultaneously check email is vastly different from the bandwidth required for 100 guests to simultaneously log into their Netflix account and watch a movie.

    With a tiered bandwidth and pricing model, a hotel can effectively and profitably service all types of guest wifi needs. For example, they could provide basic email and browsing capability at no charge, and offer premium bandwidth for a fee to those looking to stream video. Other tiers could be made available for those looking to connect and transfer files from their office or download music.

    While the infrastructure for this type of offering is more sophisticated, it provides a definitive pathway to recapture the additional costs and become a substantial profit center.

  3. We ran a poll and 97% of replies stated if they had to choose between having free wifi or Foxtel, they wanted free wifi. Getting some free wifi is important to most people these days and quite often they don’t mind paying a little for more as long as they are not being ripped off. I speak to 30 resort/hotel/motel owners a day – city and country based and I have to say a good percentage of regional managers/owners seem to embrace the free wifi and offer it to some degree. Roll outs don’t have to be expensive to the hotels – big and small. Wifi and the internet is not going away. Hotels asnd resorts have to start looking at free wifi the same as Foxtel was many years ago – it is a MUST have. Judy Senn Director Time Out Internet

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