Alex Stewart, SiteMinder

Alex Stewart is a seasoned leader in the online and technology space.

For more than a decade, Alex was associated with Ninemsn – Australia’s largest online consumer portal – where he served as Director and Chairman of the Board, as well as a number of executive roles, including Director of Sales, Director of Content and, most recently, Chief Operating Officer.

During most of his time at Ninemsn, Alex also held senior management positions within Microsoft for 13 years, helping to build Microsoft’s online advertising sales business in the U.S., growing its MSN businesses across the Asia Pacific and reigniting its consumer product and marketing focus in Australia.

Prior to that, he worked for a number of years in strategic consulting, specialising in healthcare, telecommunications and high tech, including for Bain & Company in the U.S.

Alex is a passionate leader with a strong drive for operational excellence.

As COO, he is today responsible for leading SiteMinder’s Service Delivery, Infrastructure & Operations, HR, Learning & Development and regional teams, and plays an integral role in SiteMinder’s ongoing plans for global expansion.

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