Amadeus has recorded a strong first-half result with particularly good performances from its airfare distribution and airline IT divisions.

“Distribution delivered strong revenue growth of 11.3% through a 1.9p.p. increase in global market share of air travel agency bookings,” said Luis Maroto, President & CEO of Amadeus.

“IT Solutions continued its track record for double-digit growth with a revenue increase of 22.3% with Asia-Pacific remaining the driving force.”

On the agency front, Amadeus said strongly outperformed the industry during the first half, increasing global air travel agency bookings by 10.0% against an industry increase of 4.9%.

“This was mostly due to (the) market share gain of 1.9 p.p. in global air travel agency bookings.

“This in turn was due in large part to the migration of the travel agencies previously connected to Topas in South Korea, but also supported by continued market share gains in North America.”

He added that revenue increased 14.2%, to €1,976.8 million, while Earnings Before Interest Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation grew 10.8%, to €778.8 million.

“We look forward with confidence to the remainder of the year,” Mr Maroto said.

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