Are Asian hotels better than those in the United States or are people just looking for different things? That’s a key question, with no clear answer, arising from an analysis of 2m reviews by Revinate which showed that Asian hotels have higher review ratings than US properties – 4.08 v 3.98. The survey also revealed hotels which respond to reviews get higher ratings and 4-6% more positive reviews than those that don’t.

Revinate’s VP of Marketing Michelle Wohl speculated that the difference in the US/Asian ratings may get down to to the ability of hotels to deliver on consumer expectations.

She said reviewers are most disappointed with US hotel bathrooms and public areas while there are issues with Asian service.

“When we looked at positive sentiment it’s clear that people tend to love the same things all over the world,” she said.

“But when we examined negative sentiment, there are significant differences.

“For example, there is more negativity about the bathrooms and public areas in North American hotels than Asian hotels but more negative sentiment about managers and check-in Asian Hotels than US hotels.

“Since sentiment often comes down to expectations, I surmise that people expect great service at Asian hotels and when they don’t get it, it’s something that comes up in reviews.”

Ms Wohl added that hotels which respond to reviews get 4-6% more positive reviews than hotels that don’t respond.

“In Asia, non-responsive hotels get 73.5% positive reviews but responsive hotels get 79.4% positive reviews.

“And hotels that respond to reviews have a higher average review score. In Asia responsive hotels have an average score of 4.22. Non responsive hotels have a 4.16.

“It’s obvious that hotels that care about their reputations are the ones that actively monitor and respond.”

  • Revinate is a SaaS for online reputation management with more than 15,000 hotel clients across 136 countries. In Asia Pacific Revenate works with Taj, Silver Needle, Onyx Hospitality and Anantara, among others. You can meet Michelle Wohl at No Vacancy Southeast in Bangkok on June 25.
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