Logo - ATDWAfter $1.5 million and a year’s hard work, within a month all 40,000 travel products distributed by Australian Tourism Data Warehouse will finally be available on a single, totally redesigned and rebuilt, state of the art tech platform.

It’s been a long time coming and marks the start of a new era for the govt-funded tourism distributor, which is also re-branding as Australia’s ‘Smartest Tourism Destination’.

Tourism Australia connected to the new platform last month and the state tourism organisations, which collectively fund ATDW, are in the process of doing so now.

“We are tracking towards 30 April for everyone to be cut over,” says ATDW CEO Mark Williams.

Mark Williams

Mark Williams

“With the timing of Easter this year we decided to remove the pressure on all parties by performing a staggered roll out and this process is going well.”

Also on track to integrate by then are the 150 distributor websites which take the ATDW product feed.

Williams says the online platform is “built for scale, providing super quick response times and leveraging state of the art web technologies, such as Node.js, Angular.js and MongoDB.”

In English this means its much faster and easier to use with the capacity to “dynamically scale resources and deploy new versions of the application and environments in a matter of minutes with zero downtime.”

It’s better in other words.

“The new platform was developed externally with SapientNitro with significant input from the ATDW technical teams and our various stakeholders,” says Williams.

Meanwhile, ATDW is working on a new website, which us still being fleshed out with the design team and will be released in a few months’ time.

“We are aiming for a much cleaner design with cross links into ATDW-Online,” explains Williams.

The website will pay a key role in ATDW’s re-branding through its ‘Smart technology’.

“This will form a key part of our upcoming website launch and be linked via use the use of the world ‘smart’ though other parts of our business.”

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