Attitudes good and bad flows through to the bottom line, particularly in times of crisis. That’s the message from leading hotels sales and revenue management consultant Tamie Matthews.

Matthews, who consults a wide range of independent hotel clients in Victoria, NSW and Queensland,  says while 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, people “who are resilient and positive” are doing much better than those with a defeatist attitude.

“I have a mixed bag of owners and those that are positive, resilient and understand this is a short term thing, are using it as an opportunity to improve their offering.

“Like I’ve got owners who are like ‘yeah I’ve applied for that grant, I’ve built a new website, I’m doing this, I’m doing that’ – it’s really reflected in their numbers.

“Whereas people who sit there and go ‘woe is me I’m going to lose my business’ that is reflected in their numbers as well.

“So it’s been interesting to watch.”

Matthews says regional properties are doing best, some producing outstanding results, but “I look at the properties I have in CBDs and it’s really difficult because I don’t see a future for them for the next year”.


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