Australian women are dominating Thai medical tourism with breast augmentation their procedure of choice. The Chinese meanwhile are opting for anti-ageing procedures.

Analyst Bill Barnett from C9 Hotelworks says Australians represent 70% of cosmetic surgery clients to Phuket.

Cleavage“Most are female who have booked in for breast enhancements, ie bigger, smaller and reshaping.

“You also get a number of women post child-birth who want a lift…”

They typically book all-inclusive packages that provide treatment, transportation and hotel accommodation costing AUD5000-6000.

Many of them are young women with Barnett estimating that 45% of cosmetic surgery clients are aged between 18 and 25.

Almost all are women at 93% share.

“Mainland  China is the top geographic source market for ant-ageing products, representing almost two-thirds of the segment, and often travel in groups for treatments.”



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