Almost one in two international tourists to Australia now book some component of their trip online. These are among the findings of a new report from Tourism Australia and PwC – Distribution 2020: Situational Analysis – which says 46% of tourists turn to the web when booking an Australian holiday. The remaining 54% use traditional offline channels such as travel agents.

“There is a clear trend towards a greater role of online sources for identifying Australia as a holiday destination, and then planning, booking and subsequently sharing holiday experiences,” the report said.

It added that online travel planning and booking in mature markets appeared to have “reached a plateau” but still has enormous scope for growth in developing markets.

So it’s a sure bet that the web will soon be the dominant booking tool for inbound travel to Australia with the rise of web-savvy younger travellers from the fast-grwoing Asian nations.

As Nikki Little, Publisher of SEA Backpacker, says: “I have seen a huge increase in Chinese, Singaporean and Korean travelers recently due to the expanding middle class in these countries (and) they are very ‘digital’ in terms of how they plan their trip.”

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